Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dance Festival

Our town had a Dance Festival and we volunteered to house people for the Festival. I think there were eight countries here for the Festival. We were told that we were getting a couple from Greece. So on July 26th our guests arrived. Our guests were Mica & Christos from Greece, they stayed in our home with us for a week. It was an amazing week. We had a lot of fun eating food from Greece, Mica is an amazing cook! We went to Yellowstone with them and just spent a lot of time talking and having fun. We were sad to see them leave, they had become family to us. The whole time they were here they called me mamma and Michael pappa.

Opening Night

Street Parade, India and Greece in this picture

Yellowstone with Mica & Christos

An American Old Faithful
A picture of our children......Christos, Marissa, Miranda & Trevor & Mica