Sunday, November 30, 2008

Being Thankful!

Thanksgiving for us this year was alot of fun! Trevor and Chris and their families came on Wednesday. On Thanksgiving Day Michael's family came around too and we had dinner and dessert with them. It was very nice to be able to spend time with them, we don't see them enough! Then Friday we went bowling with Michael's family, afterwards we all came home for a nap.

On Saturday we had a baby shower for Allie our newest granddaughter. It was early in the day so I thought it would be easier but it meant I had to get a lot done before they all came. I was still cleaning up the messes from Thanksgiving and with another whole houseful coming there was plenty to do but it turned out great. We had lots of family come and Allie was showered with lots of love and gifts. Thanks Aunt Kendra for doing the games!

Here's Allie on the blanket her Great Grandma Killian made her.
That night Michael made his famous pizza. We vote it as the best pizza anywhere! But with it comes the pizza mess, flour everywhere! Sunday our family went to church except Chris who hadn't been feeling well. It was fun showing our new grandbabies to our friends here. It was sad to have them all leave later in the day, it got quiet really quick after they left.

Just before Christopher and Rachel left Marissa went up to Emma to tell her goodbye and Emma started smiling, she smiled for about 5 minutes and was leaning really hard to get closer to her.

I noticed how different it is to have babies in our home again. Worrying about them, and making sure they get what they need and trying not to stress them out too much. I am grateful they have good parents who love them and take good care of them and bring them here to visit so I can spoil them too!