Friday, January 16, 2009

It's a Winter Wonderland!

It's a winter wonderland here. It is beautiful! All the trees, bushes and plants are covered in ice. Apparently it is called Hoar Frost. The first time I heard that name I had to check it out on the internet, it didn't sound as pretty as it looked! I thought they where pulling my leg. But Hoar Frost is when an object gets colder than the air around it and it forms ice crystals on it. These pictures show what it looks like. It is absolutely beautiful, it makes everything look amazing. This first picture is looking down my street. The rest are from around here except one I found on the internet which looked better than mine. It is the last one.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another year older!

Well, whether I like it or not I've had another birthday. Not that birthdays have really mattered to me. I usually don't even know how old I am. I have to ask Michael - he is great about keeping track of that especially because he is 7 months younger than me! My friends in Idaho took me to lunch which was very nice. But the best surprise was cold hard cash, just kidding that was nice too, but the best part was Trevor & Miranda decided I needed to see my newest grandbaby for my birthday. It works out really well because Tyler's birthday is just after mine and they where here for his too!

Allie (the newest granddaughter) was a lot of fun, she loves to talk, even in her sleep. It's like she talks herself to sleep and then forgets to stop. She sings along when her dad plays the piano it was a lot of fun to get to spend time with her. I have included a couple of pictures with her. Unfortunately, I am always taking the pictures so I am never in them. (Maybe that's not so unfortunate!) The first one is of Michael and Allie, she loves looking at people in the face.