Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Been Awhile!

Well it's not spring anymore and summer is over and fall is here. A lot has happened here and I haven't been very good at keeping up my blog.

In Rexburg every year they do a International Dance Festival. Last year was our first year to help. We housed a couple from Greece and had a great time. This year I was co-chair of housing for all the teams and I personally was responsible for Taiwan. So it was my job to get families to house the 32 members of the Taiwan team and then to help with the other countries assigned to me.

We had a great time this year! We housed two 14 year old girls, Sabrina and Shining, for most of the week and had 6 girls by the end of the 11 days. Mostly we are responsible for housing, feeding all meals and getting the girls to all the performances and practices they need to be at. The festival kept them very busy this year. Some of the pictures I have included are of our girls and some of the fun things we did with them.

When it was time to take them to their bus to say goodbye it was very hard to let them go. They hung on to us and cried because they didn't want to leave. It is amazing and wonderful how close we got to them, I really wanted to keep them.

Taiwan team.

Taiwan girls!
Sabrina & Shining with our family.

All our girls!

Shining had her Birthday while she was with us! Happy Birthday Shining!